Software Engineering

Today's software development tools are powerful, but the task of using them in real-world projects can be complex and confusing.  Developing an appropriate, scaled architecture and implementing it smoothly is a skill that only comes with experience.  I take great pride in finding the simplest, fastest and least expensive solution to your business information management needs.  With more than three decades of experience, I can cut right to the chase and get things done.

Web Site Development

From a single page to the most complex e-commerce site, I can help you define the needs and create a site that will be a joy to your your customers.  Speed, a clean look and feel on any device and appropriate attention to SEO are all part of the formula.  Up-to-date sites are a valuable business asset and well worth the time to make them.


Business Tools

All successful businesses depend on timely and accurate information.  I can help define your needs and create easy-to-use software solutions that will integrate painlessly into your workflow.  To be valuable, information management tools need to be simple to use on any device, anywhere, anytime.  So you'll find no hard-to-use solutions here.

Integration with design, photography and copywriting professionals
Using the best talent for the job

Today's dynamic websites depend on high quality images and photographs and carefully crafted copy.  My talents are in the technical roles, and I am well qualified to coordinate other talented professionals' work to create a site that will be successful in all ways.

Website design and search engine optimization - the small things count
We can help

Have you ever wondered why a particular site is consistently at the top of search results?  There is no mystery here, just attention to numerous details and a healthy dose of experianced know-how.

One client at a time & local is good
Keeping in tune with the local economy

Coastal Mendocino County is my home.  I can work remotely anywhere, but prefer to keep my work as local as possible.  Helping one client at a time is my preference, so as to insure timely completion of the necessary tasks.  I'm worth waiting for.


The core technology of Facebook - mature, stable and versatile. Server side scripting with aggressive security features.


Enterprise level database software that scales to even small applications. The industry standard on-line database tool scales well to all sizes of applications.


The basis for most of the world wide web. Easy to maintain and highly extensible when crafted properly.


The top structural framework for responsive websites. Developed by Twitter. Makes web pages display properly across all devices.


Material Design

Google's design language for easy-to-use websites makes pages visually intuitive.  Bold colors, intuitive icons and simplicity are the hallmarks.



The premier templating tool, allowing the separation of data and procedural code from presentation.Facilitates and speeds the creation and maintenance of multi-language websites.

E-commerce needs

Highly customizable and extensible e-commerce software that is secure and powerful is one of my specialties.

Search Engine Optimization

Maximizing page ranking across all digital devices to aid your success in commerce.