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The core technology of Facebook - mature, stable and versatile. Server side scripting with aggressive security features.


Enterprise level database software that scales to even small applications. The industry standard on-line database tool scales well to all sizes of applications.


The basis for most of the world wide web. Easy to maintain and highly extensible when crafted properly.


The top structural framework for responsive websites. Developed by Twitter. Makes web pages display properly across all devices.


Material Design

Google's design language for easy-to-use websites makes pages visually intuitive.  Bold colors, intuitive icons and simplicity are the hallmarks.



The premier templating tool, allowing the separation of data and procedural code from presentation.Facilitates and speeds the creation and maintenance of multi-language websites.

E-commerce needs

Highly customizable and extensible e-commerce software that is secure and powerful is one of my specialties.

Search Engine Optimization

Maximizing page ranking across all digital devices to aid your success in commerce.